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Three weeks

Our traditional play mat photo shoot. Eleri is three weeks old – so I’m not sure whether that is actually a smile yet!

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We woke up on Saturday to a fine sprinkling of snow, and had to get out into it quick – before it melted. It was still slightly dark. Osian managed to throw a few snowballs and built a snow baby. … Continue reading

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We’ve had lots of visitors over the last couple of weeks – here is Captain Osian with his crew Holly and Ophelia.

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Eighteen days old and growing fast. When I was pregnant Osian and I went to Mothercare to buy various baby bits, and Osian chose this rabbit as a present for Eleri. He’s named her ‘Button’, which is slightly mysterious as … Continue reading

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Eleven days old

Grampa and Auntie Jo came to visit when Eleri was eleven days old. Grampa reading to Osian: Grampa and Eleri: Paul and Grampa – not sure what to put as a caption for this one!: Osian showing everyone how to … Continue reading

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Osian’s favourite toy is still his train set. As Paul has been on paternity leave for the last couple of weeks we’ve spent a LOT of time building train tracks. Osian’s castle often gets included in the set-up!

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Proud parents

Nine days old . . . finally managed to get some photos where we don’t look TOO tired!

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