Day at the wildlife park

We went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park at the weekend. Osian absolutely loved it, and walked around for five hours without wanting the buggy. He has been talking about the things he saw all week!

‘Ant-eater! Baby!’

317 CWP

‘Peacock hat!’ And back at home he put a bucket on his head to demonstrate what a peacock hat looked like . . .

318 CWP

We spent a lot of time looking at the ducks, flamingos, and terrapins.

319 CWP

When we arrived there was a loud shrieking sound. We followed it through the trees to find the Sumatran monkeys. Osian was fascinated . . . he’s been telling us all about the ‘Monkeys! Noise . . . babies . . . eating carrots! In the trees!’

320 CWP

He kept up a running commentary all day:

‘Bats! Dark!’

‘Penguins! Swimming!’

‘Rory . . . UP! UP! UP!’ [The lions were asleep.]

‘Train . . . Annie . . . choo choo! Tunnel! Dark!’ [There’s a little train that goes round the park.]

321 CWP

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