Day out at the Farm

We went to the Cotswold Farm Park a couple of weekend’s ago. Osian was very interested in the chickens. As ours now regularly escape we’ve got used to saying ‘Uh-oh’ about chickens, and Osian now seems to say this every time he sees a chicken.

308 Farm Park

We saw some new born lambs, and you could go into the lambing shed to see them being born.

309 Farm Park

310 Farm Park

Osian was far more interested in the rabbits and the other animals in the handling shed. You could see chicks hatching from eggs. (I made the mistake of making a cake the following day. Osian helped and was particularly fascinated when I cracked some eggs into the cake mix. ‘CHICKS!’ I think he thought I was going to add some chicks! He kept going into the fridge to scrutinise the eggs, just in case any had hatched.)

311 Farm Park

Erik the bull, from Countryfile:

312 Farm Park

And the obligatory tractor shot. There were tears when we had to go . . .

313 Farm Park

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