At some point in the whirlwind of the last few weeks we lost our original chicken, Daphne. She was one of three rescue hens that we got from the British Hen Welfare Trust back in September 2010. They were in quite a bad way initially, with hardly any feathers. Barbara only lasted for a few weeks. Margot lived for almost a year, but didn’t fully recover, and only laid soft eggs. However, Daphne really made the most of her retirement – she grew all of her feathers back, and until fairly recently laid an egg a day.

Daphne enjoyed dust-bathing in the sun, digging trenches, chasing sparrows for bread, pecking the other chickens in the eye, and GRAPES! She followed Paul like a shadow whenever he was in the garden (just in case he had some food). She rarely sat still (a legacy from the factory farm, I think) and couldn’t fly or jump very high. She wasn’t very pretty, and was frequently covered in mud, but we loved her the most of all of our chickens – she had personality. Daphne – the original and best!

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