Osian David Thomas

Osian David Thomas arrived at 9.06 p.m. on Thurs 10 May 2012.

Contractions started in the early hours of Wed 09 May, which was his due date, so I was rather surprised! After a long day at home we went into the Spires Midwifery Unit in Oxford at 5 p.m. but were told to go home until things progressed further. Driving back from Oxford to Witney was one of the longest hours of my life as the contractions suddenly got much stronger and we were stuck in a queue of traffic. We then stayed at home until 3 a.m. when we drove back to the JR to be assessed. We didn’t have to wait long, and managed to get the birthing pool in the Spires Unit – which was exactly what I wanted. The pool was amazing, but things progressed really slowly. I had Meptid and gas and air from about 8 a.m. and after a couple of hours everything speeded up again, so I could get back into the birthing pool. By late afternoon we were nearly there, but after two nights without sleep I was exhausted and couldn’t push any more. We were taken down into a JR delivery suite where my waters were broken and I was given a spinal block (bliss after two days of contractions – or contraptions, as I had started calling them). In the end I had a forceps delivery, although the surgeon said that he couldn’t actually see a problem. It wasn’t what I had imagined for the birth, but after 45 hours it was a relief to finish things off.

Osian was literally thrown onto my chest, and the midwife had to lunge to catch him. He was perfect. Everything happened very quickly, and we were soon being wheeled into the observation ward, where I stayed the night. Osian didn’t want to sleep in the crib, so I ended up holding him for most of the night.

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